The 'Herp Finally Gets Laid' (on) Trail

Trail #678: Centerville, VA

March 31, 2015

Everyone lookout. Herp is haring solo on Tuesday.

That's what happens when you wanks don't sign up for trail in a timely manner.

The one, the only, the Herpicles

In front of the soccer fields at

Ellanor C Lawrence Park
5040 Walney Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151

Red Rocks Cafe & Tequila Bar

Old Centreville Crossing, 13850 Braddock Rd
Centreville, VA 20121
(703) 815-6900

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Welcome to So Happy It's Tuesday Hash House Harriers!

If your trails aren't live, your Hash ain't S.H.I.T.!

Welcome to the SH*T Hash. Looking for something to do on Tuesday nights? Well, look no further!

THE S.H.I.T. H3 is one of thousands of social groups that like to run (or walk) and drink beer! We are a "Drinking Club with a Running Problem!" Our goal is to have a good time, meet new people and get a little exercise. For more information about the history of the hash, check out our History page.

We meet every Tuesday, rain or shine, at 6:30 and hares are away at 7:00.

Bear in mind that hashing is an adult activity, and as such requires that you exhibit the responsibilities implied therein. Underage drinking will not be tolerated, and we will be checking ID's for anyone under 69.  We also do not condone drinking and driving please conduct yourself accordingly.  That being said, if you are of legal age to enjoy fine food, drink, and the company of the greatest people wandering through the woods on any given Tuesday night, please come on out and enjoy!


  • 07/12/11 - Beltway Bob Happy Hour!
  • Do you need something to do after work on Friday? Give the Beltway Bob HH a try.

    The Friday Hash Happy Hour is such a simple plan: area kennels pick a bar they like and tell us about it. You, the hasher, text, e-mail, facespace or otherwise get that virgin you met last week, (or the hottie from next cube) to accompany you to said happy hour. Get a beer or three, shoot-the-sht with some hash pals and start your weekend right.

    Click here for details

    Upcoming Events!

  • 09/21/2014 - Half-Mind, Half-Ass, Half-Case, Half-Marathon
  • What: Hillbilly H3 Trail 306
    When: 21 September, 2014 Note the 2 start times!
    Option #1: Half-mind/half-assed/half-marathon: 21 September, 2014 @ 1000 / race start time is 1030. Racist must have their beers in the trail coolers by 1015. After 1015, you will be carrying your 12 pack on trail.
    Option #2: Regular trail: 21 September, 2014 @ 1169 (aka 1209) / Pack away 1239-ish
    Where: Island Creek Elementary School 7855 Morning View Lane, Alexandria, VA 22315 / Map Link
    Special Note:Details for the 21st: Please note the need to bring your own 12 pack (or 6 pack for those with a weak liver) and there are 2 start times depending on if you're doing regular trail or the Half-mind, Half-assed, Half-marathon.
    Hares: 3holer, ATWI, Parent's Weekend (additional beer stop hosts; Survival of the Spittest and Missing Link)
    Hash Cash: $5 / Virgins $0
    Extra Info: It's time for the Half-mind/half-assed/half-marathon. That's right 2 six mile loops plus a little extra. Bring a 12 pack of your favorite beverage to drink with your name somehow attached to it (duct tape, duck tape, glass etching, whatever). The hares will stash coolers 1 mile apart departing the school promptly at 10:15. If your beer is not in the coolers at 10:15 you will be carrying your 12 pack on trail. Trail is not stroller friendly. If you plan to bring you dog, you must keep it on a leash. If you're lost or late, call Sour Snatch My Rubber Back @ 540-830-0148
    On On On: Will be the Bungalow at the corner of Beulah and Franconia-Springfield Pkwy

  • 03/31/2015 - The 'Herp Finally Gets Laid' (on) Trail
  • Trail 678 will be on March 31, 2015 and is being led by The one, the only, the Herpicles in Centerville, VA. More details might be available here.

  • 04/07/2015 - The 10 Plagues of Passover Trail
  • Trail 679 will be on April 07, 2015 and is being led by Parent's Weekend, Herplicles, and Any Other Heebs We Can Find in Tysons, VA. More details might be available here.

  • 04/14/2015 - Strange Brew Trail
  • Trail 680 will be on April 14, 2015 and is being led by All The Way In in Springfield, VA. More details might be available here.

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